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Video & Film
(broadcast, industrial)

We're all about motion pictures & graphics, music, art, color … all combined to create an emotional catalyst, one that sets the audience's energy in motion and makes them ready for the message.

Actions captured on film or videotape, edited along with computer generated images, delivers the inspiring message to the target audience on either dvd / cd-rom, videotape or network.

Internet & Interactive Development
(www, dvd, multimedia)

Our goal as communicators is to mimic human interaction through technology. Like live interaction, our client's message is best served when it's interactive. The power and speed of computers, as well as the internet, now makes dynamic interactivity over distant networks possible, all in a manner that preserves the message.

Our interactive portfolio is comprised of works that either educate or motivate in a way that allows the audience control over the delivery of the message, while giving the communicator the opportunity to proctor the efficacy of the content through automated systems.

Streaming Rich Media
(video, interactive, live, on-demand)

We view the internet as a powerful delivery vehicle, a conduit ready for our client's message. The world wide web is reaching an initial maturation; one we feel allows enough bandwidth to deliver a message as effectively as freestanding presentations. We create internet experiences, that when viewed through your browser, are just like being there; rich with the human experience.

Online Applications

Our online development efforts capitalize on our over twenty years experience in creating automated communications, and computer related sales and training materials. We make the online experience engaging and communicative. Whether the goal is to sell, inspire, or inform; our online development efforts get as close to the human-to-human experience as possible. We have a strong commitment to rich media experiences that utilize streaming and player-less technology such as Macromedia’s Flash.

Desktop Applications

If it’s a computer-based application, it doesn’t have to be boring to be effective.

Online Publishing

Our goal is to deliver creative and technical services that enable the client to continue the momentum on their own.

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