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Michael H Schwartz
(project manager, director, producer and writer)

Michael began his career with Knight-Ridder Newspapers on a project that has turned out to be the precursor to the internet. Known as VIEWTRON, Michael's responsibilities included editorial and content creation for this on-line database, while maintaining an active involvement in one of the first public awareness campaigns concerning the use of global networks as means of everyday communications.

In early 1985, Michael continued his career in a public relations capacity with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) during its acquisition by General Motors. While at EDS, he began to recognize the convergence of affordable motion picture production, network based communications and public relations, culminating with his departure from EDS in 1988 to form Group Communications in Atlanta, Georgia.

David Ariza
(senior information architect - research and development)

David brings with him a multi-faceted career spanning an international spectrum of on-line publishing. His skills in web-based infrastructure and design, coupled with a keen sense of art direction and style, position him as an ideal component for Group Communications' efforts into web and cop-based communications.

Alexandra Rey
(senior database administrator)

Alexandra is a very talented Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) with extensive knowledge of database design and implementation of rich media environments. Her background includes working for one of the world's biggest auto makers and leading the development team of a medium size publishing company.

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